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2021 FAIM Festival Embarks the Brand New Journey from Film to AI

The Film-AI-Music (FAIM) Festival kicks off in July 2021 and is open to both amateur filmmakers and professionals.

The FAIM Festival shines a spotlight on the union of film and music to make great art. It will be presented to the filmmaker community who is deemed to have submitted the best short film, under 20 minutes long, with the submission period running from today until August 15 through the FAIM website.

In the meantime, the FAIM festival presents FIRESIDE@FAIM sessions, featuring revolutionary audiovisual AI products, as well as talks between winning filmmakers, experienced professionals, and so on.

“We aim to welcome various films to the FAIM this summer to experience a flavour of what the AI has to offer to film art.”

Tickets for FIRESIDE@FAIM starting from September 3rd and the Ceremony on September 24th are free of charge. RSVP required, see for more details and tickets.

Any videos less than 20 minutes long are welcomed. There are 2 rounds of submission: by 31 July, and by 15 August.

  1. Register for a free trial of A.V. Mapping’s music-AI with the [Registration] form

  2. After receiving a confirmation email with account information, the attendee will be able to find music tracks which is the best for the video by using A.V. Mapping’s Artificial Intelligence platform

  3. Complete the [Submit Videos]-participant form to submit the final film to the FAIM festival.

The event is organized by A.V. Mapping, a one-stop turnkey solution that shortens the music-for-video search by 2,000 times. With its unique AI model, the platform analyzes the content, element, and cuts in an uploaded video and then compares the results to the database for the music recommendation for each video.

Good music elevates a good film. A.V. Mapping aims to bring both film and music to greater heights. A.V. Mapping helps filmmakers save 95% of the time spent on the music search, elevating both efficiency and the synergy of film and music.

To give attendees a more holistic view about how to use the AI tool to complete their works, A.V. Mapping will host the product orientations for new users in the following days:

  • August 5th, 4 pm PDT in English

  • August 12th, 8 pm Taipei Time in Chinese

  • RSVP required:

  • Media Contact: Amber Ho |

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