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Speaker Profile

KJ Yang

CEO & Founder

KJ has dedicated more than two decades to commercializing products in the AI space. His research, conducted during his PhD studies at UCSD, has been used in Qualcomm's mobile chips. During his tenure at Qualcomm, he helped the company invest in and successfully commercialize five research projects, which became a part of Qualcomm's offering. His work has successfully helped KDDI, the largest Japanese cellular carrier, reduce its transmission cost by half. Netflix also benefits from his work to extend its business to Africa.
However, due to a personal health episode, he decided to switch gears and focus on healthcare tech. He founded Kura Care Inc. six years ago with the aim of improving patients' experiences. Kura's focus is on using AI to analyze patients' behavior and health conditions in remote care settings, which helps boost their compliance and ultimately leads to better outcomes. The company's management team includes two full-time MDs, and seasoned business and operations executives. Their advisors come from UCSD, Stanford, and Princeton. UCSD, UCLA, and National Taiwan University are their partners.


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